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Chair de crabe des neiges canadien
Canadian snow crab meat
Chair de crabe des neiges canadien
Canadian snow crab meat

Canadian snow crab meat


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Canadian snow crab meat

- 1.6kg box 8 frozen and vacuum sealed units of 1 lb

Grab your forks! It's time to satisfy your crab craving with our snow crab meat from northern Quebec, which is as succulent as it is delicately sweet. Nicknamed the snow crab thanks to the magic that happens when its meat is cooked and changes from a reddish hue to a white as white as snow, it is also given the royal term “queen crab” in English. by its particularly rich and sweet taste with a briny touch. If you like lobster meat, you will definitely love our snow crab.

Our tasty Long Leg Snow Crab is stuffed with the finest meat available and has been frozen at its peak freshness and then pre-cooked to maintain its premium quality. Besides being totally delicious on the palate, snow crab has a low calorie index and high protein and phosphorus content, an obvious choice for a sumptuous, guilt-free meal.

Our snow crab is not only delicious, it is also very practical and versatile to prepare. Defrost it and add it to the recipe of your choice. It is easy to crumble thanks to its firm and fibrous texture, so it slips nicely into your favorite dishes. Here are some ideas from the range that exists: sprinkle it on your fresh salad, mix it with a delicious cheese dip, enhance an ordinary sandwich or add it to your pasta as a source of protein. So many possibilities and culinary creations await you with our Quebec snow crab meat. The seafood lover in you will be delighted to discover them, one by one!

This product is sold in packs of 8 units of 200g (vacuum-packed), i.e. 1.6 kg of snow crab meat.

Method of preparation

Defrost either the day before in the refrigerator or in cold water for 30 to 35 minutes. Simply remove from the packaging, pat dry and serve or mix into your preparations.

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