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Côtes levées de bœuf marinées à l'asiatique
Côtes levées de bœuf marinées à l'asiatique
Côtes levées de bœuf marinées à l'asiatique
Côtes levées de bœuf marinées à l'asiatique

Asian-marinated beef ribs


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Asian-marinated beef ribs

- 4 kg box (8 to 10 ribs individually frozen and vacuum sealed)

Reinvent your dinner routine with our delicious Asian-marinated beef ribs. Made with tender bone-in beef infused with classic Asian aromatics, these flavorful ribs will satisfy your taste buds and meat cravings in one fell swoop.

Layers of juicy fat combine with our Asian marinade to create a perfect harmony of succulent flavors.

The fat woven between the ribs transforms as it cooks, adding even more flavor to the sauce. Made with ginger, onion, coriander, soy sauce, pepper and sugar, our incredible marinade coats each side with the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

These mouth-watering beef ribs are as delicious as they are easy to cook. The bones make this cut of beef perfect for braising or slow cooking, as they add a deep, meaty flavor to the dish. You can also cook your ribs sous vide if you prefer cooking without human intervention. Simply submerge your sous vide bag of ribs in hot water, set the temperature and you can prepare the rest of your meal. You'll soon have gourmet-quality ribs waiting for you, effortlessly.

Since these ribs are already full of flavor, they don't need a lot of accompaniment: simple vegetables like steamed broccoli or bok choy pair wonderfully. These tasty ribs are perfect for entertaining or for a memorable family meal. Add a touch of hoisin sauce to your greens if desired. Serve your ribs over a bed of steamed or fried rice, or with your favorite hot or cold noodles to soak up any delicious sauce.

Each 4kg box contains 8 to 10 frozen and individually quick-frozen vacuum-sealed portions of Asian-marinated beef short ribs.

Cooking mode :

Sous vide cooking:  immerse for 15 to 18 minutes in boiling water

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