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Fondant au choco framboise
Fondant au choco framboise

Raspberry chocolate fondant


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Raspberry chocolate fondant

-box of 20 fondants

Our incredible chocolate and raspberry fondant is a silky blend of rich chocolate and succulent raspberries, a harmony of a thousand delights. Chocolate lovers, it's your turn to be spoiled! Your taste buds will thank you, we promise!

An irresistible cupcake-style treat, this dessert is impeccably moist with its chocolatey exterior topped with juicy raspberry coulis in the center. The richness of the decadent chocolate intertwines with the tangy coulis, both balancing deliciously in their contrasts. Fondants are often called semi-cooked because they follow a cooking technique that allows their center to remain liquid. One bite of this chocolatey gem and you will fall in love with the incredible delight that is the sweet river emanating from its melting center.

Our delicious fondants are individually wrapped and easily prepared in the microwave so you can enjoy your chocolate-raspberry heaven in no time. You can prepare your soft treat directly from the freezer or you can take the time to defrost it beforehand, without affecting the quality of the delicacy. Simply take it out of its packaging and you're done!

Pretty to the eyes and tasty to taste, these fondants are the perfect dessert to serve to your guests during an evening with good company or during a romantic dinner. Enjoy it as is or add a touch of creativity by serving it with ice cream, custard or whipped cream, garnish it with roasted nuts such as almonds or pistachios, or sprinkle it with icing sugar or cocoa powder

Each box contains 20 individual desserts that are perfect for sharing with friends while leaving you plenty of portions for your solo treats .

Cooking mode

Directly frozen, put in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes at 350F or faster method 1 minute in the microwave.

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