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Pizza aux Fruits de Mer
Pizza aux Fruits de Mer

Seafood pizza


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Seafood pizza

-box of 4 pizzas (frozen and vacuum sealed)

Our luxurious, creamy seafood pizza continues to be a top seller at the heart of our Signature Collection; This is undoubtedly due to the delicious combination of favorite dishes from two different culinary worlds: pizza and seafood. Our pizza portions are generous and overflowing with large pieces of fresh seafood giving you a taste experience that you won't soon forget!

An absolute delight, our seafood pizza is made with a tasty thin crust stuffed with juicy shrimp, fresh scallops, especially succulent snow crab and buttery-tasting lobster meat. This exquisite blend of seafood is complemented with a finishing touch of creamy butter and lobster sauce, a perfectly silky smooth sensation from pizza to your taste buds. The thin crust is topped with a layer of this delicious sauce which accentuates the magnificent aromas without covering up the purity of the taste of the seafood that you will taste with each bite.

It goes without saying that this wonderful pizza is a particularly satisfying meal, so much so that you will even be able to feel the generous amount of seafood by its weight in your hands. Pair it with a fresh salad and you now have a meal for two. A nice glass of your favorite white wine will pair nicely with the seafood flavors. If you have a portion or two left over after your meal, don't worry, it keeps very well and will be just as delicious the next day. the following day.

Each box contains 4 individual vacuum-sealed portions of 450g each.

Cooking mode

Baking: Preheat oven to 350°F Directly from frozen, place on a slotted baking sheet (ideally), bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Suggestion: you can finish cooking for 3 to 4 minutes using the “broil” option.

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