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Tartare de boeuf avec vinaigrette
Tartare de boeuf avec vinaigrette
Tartare de boeuf avec vinaigrette
Tartare de boeuf avec vinaigrette
Tartare de boeuf avec vinaigrette

Beef tartare with vinaigrette


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Beef tartare with vinaigrette

- box of 8 portions +8 sachets of vinaigrette (frozen and vacuum sealed)

- half box of 4 portions +8 sachets of vinaigrette (frozen and vacuum sealed)

A delicious beef tartare that has restaurant quality, yes, yes, it's possible, especially with our beef tartare and its tangy vinaigrette!

We use the best quality beef in the making of our tartare, ensuring the most tender and succulent texture. Add a bit of crunch to your tartare by mixing delicious fresh ingredients such as finely chopped cucumbers, fresh onions and salted capers. A little j alapeño pepper and you're served with a good dose of heat; opt for grated cheese and your tartare will transform into a creamy and rich tartare. And to top it all off, stir in our tangy vinaigrette to harmonize all those fabulous aromas and textures into one majestic whole.

Our tasty tangy vinaigrette is packaged in separate containers to make your task easier when preparing your beef tartares; so you can add as little or as much vinaigrette as you want. To each his own, as they say! We created a dressing made with a unique blend of ingredients including oil, red onions, dill pickles, capers, brandy, mustard, W orcestershire sauce, tamari, parsley and spices, which imbue the tartare with a perfect touch of acidity and liveliness. Obviously, you can just as easily let your creativity express itself and create your own with your ingredients of choice.

Each box contains 8 individual vacuum-sealed portions of beef tartare of 200g each and 8 packets of sauce of 60g each. Our portions are generous enough to share with two as a starter or rather solo for a main meal on a special occasion.

Method of preparation

Thaw in cold water 20 to 25 minutes before using as well as the vinaigrette. Coat the tartare with the vinaigrette in a bowl using a fork.

Suggestion :  to accompany, simply cut your favorite crunchies (cucumber, onion, pickles, etc.) and choose your crackers and/or baguette.

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