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Tartare de thon avec vinaigrette
Tartare de thon avec vinaigrette
Tartare de thon avec vinaigrette
Tartare de thon avec vinaigrette
Tartare de thon avec vinaigrette
Tartare de thon avec vinaigrette

Tuna tartare with vinaigrette


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Tuna tartare with vinaigrette

box of 8 portions +8 sachets of vinaigrette (frozen and vacuum sealed)

half box of 4 portions +8 sachets of vinaigrette (frozen and vacuum sealed)

Our delicious tuna tartare with vinaigrette allows you to enjoy a high-quality restaurant-style tartare at home with ease and simplicity! This tartare is made with magnificent pieces of finely chopped red tuna covered in an Asian-inspired sauce, ideal to serve as a starter during a festive evening or during an elegant and refreshing lunch.

We only use the best quality tuna in our tartare to ensure a succulent, silky and flavorful texture every time. This wonderful dish is incredibly easy to prepare, all you have to do is defrost your tuna, place it in a bowl and mix with the ingredients you want to add, including the vinaigrette as a finishing touch. Add your choice of fresh ingredients for an extra dose of crunch such as finely chopped cucumbers, fresh onions and salted capers. If you're the spicy type, add a hint of wasabi to enhance the taste of your delicious tartare. To finish, harmonize all these aromas and textures with our tasty vinaigrette.

Our Asian-inspired vinaigrette has a unique, invigorating taste that our customers simply love. Made with a blend of luxurious ingredients such as coconut milk, ginger, lime juice, sesame seeds, mayonnaise, curry and other spices, our rich and creamy sauce infuses the tartare sweet and spicy aromas at the same time. The vinaigrette is packaged in separate packets so you can add as much or as little as you like to your tartare, depending on your taste and taste buds. Serve your tuna tartare with crackers or in crispy wonton cups with a side of fresh avocado and cucumber salad.

Each box contains 8 individual frozen, vacuum-sealed portions of 200g of tuna tartare each with 8 sachets of sauce.

Method of preparation

Thaw in cold water 20 to 25 minutes before using as well as the vinaigrette. Coat the tartare with the vinaigrette in a bowl using a fork.

Suggestion :  to accompany, simply cut your favorite crunchies (cucumber, onion, pickles, etc.) and choose your crackers and/or baguette.

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